Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hi all...

Today I have arranged for a guest blogger...hope you enjoy...

hey, it's me...

her dog , Ruby

I guess she thought a guest blogger is where you just leave it open and hope someone comes to write something.. 

you know she's kinda new at this...

and hey, whatever it what I always say.

Just got up from a nap

Whatt??  You never had a bad hair day??

so here we are...

By the way, have you ever noticed how she is always talking about those pie in the sky things like love for all, hope, stars... yada yada yada

Poor kid... she means well...and all I can say is before she found that stuff she could be a real...

    oh hold on, there's that bone I've been looking for

anthyhoth, whath thI wasth sthaying ith sthah bephfore sthe fhoundth thall sthath sthpiritual sthupff sthe thcouldt thbe tha threalf dooxzthy pto thdeal swithp

     Ok I'm done... that was good

Yeah so,  she just seems happier and less stressed all the time.  
Hmmm, come to think of it,  I might give that spiritual stuff some thought over my next nap---which is gonna be in about five more minutes.

Hey, did she tell you how she forgot me and left me locked outside the house last week?

I didn't think so

Well it started out as a great day. We had a little get together, some sun, swimming, food...yeah I was really enjoying myself  

Next thing I know, everyone hops in their cars, lights go off, doors are all closed, and I am left out in the yard

and it was dark

I tried to bark a couple of times, but she was doing whatever it is she does in there

Man, my head was spinning so fast trying to keep those mosquitoes away...I thought I was gonna pass out

Bout half hour later, I'm sitting on the front porch settling in for the night, when all the sudden she opens the door and scares the you know what out of me

"Oh, there you are," she says, real nice like.

Yes here I am

So much for man's best friend

But hey, whatever it takes.

Oh and another thing, on behalf of all my fellow dogs--I don't think cats would put up with it--

You know when we lay on our back and you rub our belly?

Well it's undignified!! ok?!

I mean does that even look like a comfortable position to you??

I didn't think so..

Don't worry about could you know?

And anyways, you know what I always say...

And another thing....


  1. ha, seriously, yer dog's name is Ruby? That's awesome.

  2. Yes I love the name, don't you?;)