Tuesday, September 29, 2015


   It must have been winter

        the first time I saw him...

            yes I'm quite sure of it...I remember the day...

   Pristine mounds of snow cover the ground at my feet. Dense clumps of packed white weigh heavy on my young limbs-nearly pulling them to the ground.

   They hurry out of the car, a small swaddled blue bundle nestles softly in her arms, and him, hand on her elbow,  to steady her on the icy pathway.

   And then...

     time passes so swiftly and days roll into years...

        He is a toddler, on a bright summer day, taking his first slow deliberate steps through the soft green grass at my feet.  My arms stretch and reach to shield him from the burning rays.  My leaves sway and flutter to shade and cool.

        He is a small boy, sitting for hours and hours playing at my widening trunk.  Small red, green and blue cars travel along my bumpy bark while tiny men wage epic battles between heroes and villains.  His growing hands hold tight to perfect twigs that become magical swords and powerful weapons.

        On the brink of life, now an adolescent, his long, slim legs cling and climb, finally to settle in the arms of my sturdiest branch.  Resting his head in my strongest arch, he reads books, daydreams and seeks solace from life's deepest troubles.  Enclosed in my umbrella of shelter he finds a hidden refuge.

        Soon, he is a young man of eighteen.  He readies his car...trunk packed to overflowing with all the essentials to begin a new life.   Story books and toys now long forgotten, he is on his way to discover a new world.  I watch as his vehicle drives slowly out of sight, my limbs wave forlornly in the misty fall day.

        A grown man now, in his mid twenties, is when he first brings her home.  Holding hands,  they walk up to the house where they are greeted with excited voices of welcome and congratulations.  She now will be the newest member of our family.


        time passes so swiftly and days roll into years...


        Finally, it is a sunny day in mid-July, when a car arrives and a familiar figure steps out. 


        Getting out of the vehicle,  he disappears from sight to retrieve something from the back seat and soon reappears with- what is it??-a small blue bundle nestled softly in his arms.

        My leaves rustle in excitement as he enters the house to shouts of happiness and joy.

          time passes so swiftly and days roll into years...


        And now, once again,
            as a little boy with the same light brown hair rolls and pushes small red, green and blue cars up and down my trunk


sit and watch

         my everlasting boughs encircling us all

for my sons, James and Kyle and all the beloved "boys" in our lives




  1. This is soooooooooo beautiful! <3
    And even the photos!

    1. Wow, this is so true. Like a blink of an eye this happens! As I look at my boys(men) I remember these days. Now I see this with my beautiful grand children! Thanks Teri๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜

  2. Awwww that's so sweet
    It made me cry (of course)