Saturday, March 28, 2015


It is constant, overwhelming, assaulting....

     Planes crashing on purpose

     Laws that encourage hatred against those that are "not like us"

     People doing awful things to children

     Beheadings, bombings,  gunfire




But there is another Way... much more...if you shift your perspective...just a can see

the SIGNS--

     The person honest enough to hand back to you the twenty dollars that you dropped on the floor

     A parent who lovingly holds their child's hand to cross the street safely

     The soft-hearted animal lover who takes in stray pets that nobody else wants

     The sympathetic glances from people at the grocery store when your child is misbehaving

      A friend who is always there when you need them with encouraging words

     Courageous people who sacrifice their lives fighting for the rights of others

  it is surrounds us




Photo courtesy of Wikepedia Commons

All right in front of us.... if we can get past the distractions clouding our vision...

Pay attention


Look closer

Can you see ?
Can you see the Signs of Life??


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