Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's ironic really.

The one person who could pick up every nuance and shade of purple in a morning glory, marvel at the fiery red in a sunset and get excited over the soft shell pink color of my prom dress,  could no longer see.

Oh yeah she had her bouts of darkness over the years where she slipped away and noone could reach her-- but it had nothing to do with her eyes.  Who wouldn't?  with ten kids to raise in a 3 bedroom house.  The constant cooking, cleaning, forgetting herself.  But no, this was different.

"Their dresses are mint green, salmon colored and a pale light blue",  I explain as we watch an episode of Lawrence Welk.  "Oh, and their shoes match perfectly".

"Are they short dresses or ball gowns?"

"Oh they're short, fluffy and really pretty"

I cut her food into bite size pieces

"What are the men wearing?"

"They have suits to match the color of the dresses and it's a spring background --lots of bright colored flowers and Easter baskets"

She once told me her favorite color was a light purple bluish pink like the color of lilacs.  Hmmm just so happens that's my favorite color too.

Is it better to once have seen and then lose sight or never have seen at all?  I asked her that one day.

"Well, I'd rather not have it happen at all".  Always practical --that one.  "But at least I can still picture them in my mind"

How does she do that?  How does she just accept any situation and move on??

"You should've seen the snow this morning, Mom, it looked like glitter blowing outside my window onto the bird feeders. And the prettiest red cardinal came up--- the color was so bright against the white background."

They say we become our Mothers.

Yes I guess we do become our mothers.  Not such a bad thing after all.

So I will notice for you....

     the glints of gold in my granddaughter's hair

     the smooth ebony colored skin and kind eyes of the nurse's aide who helps you get dressed
     the pink hues of a sunset on the way home from work tonight

     the touching look of a new mom and dad gazing at their baby

Yes I will pay attention to the gift you have given me.



  1. That made me smile and cry at the same time; I love the glimpse into Grandma's calm appreciation of everything beautiful. And how wonderful to see my mother as a daughter who loves her mother so very much; very touching.

  2. Lovely! Such a thoughtful and caring essay.