Saturday, January 17, 2015


Angel.  Her name was Angel.

Somebody once loved her enough to call her that sweetest of all names.  Cherished her enough to wrap her in a soft blanket and tuck her in at night.  Combed her hair just right before she left for school.

But what was behind that far away look in her eyes?

She rarely came to class and when she did, sat in the back row dressed in baggy clothes looking lost.

Still   there was no hiding the beautiful coppered colored skin under the light pink scars on her face, the classic nose and almond shaped eyes.  She reminded me of a delicate fawn I surprised one night in the back yard-- vulnerable, skittish, wary ---yet somehow regal.

When she did come the other students didn't seem to notice she was there, sitting by herself in the corner.

What happened to cause that vacant, hollow expression?  Who sucked all the life out of you and left you this ghost of a person?

I secretly worried about her on the days she was absent.  Crazy right? to worry about someone I barely knew.

But wait a minute, this girl was smart!  She was getting some of the highest grades in the class. 

One day I couldn't help myself.

"Um Angel, can I see you after class?"  She didn't look up, just nodded her head.  "So I notice you are absent a lot.  Is something going on?"

That sad blank stare

"No, I just had car trouble.  I will try to do better"

The same thing went on for weeks.  Finally I couldn't stand it.  I approached her again. 

"...........and Angel do you want to prove them right? the ones who say you'll never make it or you don't have what it takes.  Do you really want them to win?  You have to finish school -- that's the only way things will change for you"

Whoa, maybe I went too far.   Was it really any of my business anyway?

I didn't see her again until finals week.  She got one of the top 3 scores in the class.

I ran into her a few months later in the hall.  

"Hi, Angel!"  

Wow, I thought she had quit.  Hmmm her hair looks really nice and her scrubs are kinda cute.

I will never forget the last time I saw her-- starched white uniform with sheer hose to match.  A crisp nurse's cap set perfectly on her head.

Was that a flash of light I caught in her eye as I clipped her graduation pin on?

I heard someone from the audience yell, "GO ANGEL!!!"

Yeah, go Angel.   Go.    Spread your wings and fly


  1. A little kind word can make the difference in someone's life and we will never know the impact we truely have on others but she knows and will never forget.

  2. What I beautiful story - leaves me wanting to read more!

  3. yes sometimes even the simplest encounters with people can affect us so much! I would like to know what happened to her too!