Tuesday, April 21, 2015


He carefully and lovingly selects the perfect spot for every  piece of the mosaic to achieve the overall effect...

        some pieces are easily pliable and conform well to the overall image -- these will be used to fill in between the gaps and support the structure

        others are more roughly shaped, hard, brittle.  These pieces must be worked on--chipped away, whittled down, exposed to heat-- to make them give more easily.  But once they succumb, these will be some of the brightest and strongest parts of the arrangement

        still others are soft, lacking strength, tarnished.  These must be handled carefully and gently,  polished until their brilliant shine comes through


He constantly surveys his work-- adjusting, moving pieces, rearranging-- always with the overall picture of the final design in mind.

Occasionally a crack or fissure damages one of the parts--this weakens the entire image.

He tenderly removes the broken piece, works patiently to restore it, and places it back into its rightful place.


Finally, it is completed

  He sits back and admires His creation

The pieces fit perfectly, all the



shades of colors

while beautiful individually

all together produce a

magnificent masterpiece 

The radiant colors shine through each piece

 and the prisms of light

reflect off of 

their source

the Master Artist

*Leonardo da Vinci    Salvator Mundi

**How beautiful are all His works!
All of them differ, one from another,
yet none of them He has made in vain,
For each turn, as it comes is good;
can one ever see enough of their splendor?

* all photos courtesy of Wiki Commons
**Sirach 42: 23,25
***How to make stained glass, Khan Academy


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