Sunday, July 19, 2015


Did you ever have one of those days??

Oh, it started off well enough--

     sun shining

     nice relaxing Sunday

     perfect time for a short day trip

The black ominous clouds hanging over the car as I enter the highway should have been my first hint that trouble was coming.

Hey, no problem, I have driven in lots of bad weather before...little did I know...

Finally, after two hours of bumper to bumper traffic in pouring rain, I arrive at my destination.

But on the way back-- that's when things really started going downhill...

        What's that?  Looks like the engine light is flashing 



 that bright neon green foam pouring out of the radiator can't be good

google images

OK, this isn't funny anymore

Twenty minutes later...

"What do you mean it's going to be three hours for a tow truck?" I sputter into the phone at the representative from the auto club.  I look in the rear view mirror---my hair looks like someone poured a bucket of water over my head and then I went through a wind tunnel.

Silence on the other end

"Well, I don't think you really do understand--because as far as I see it,  I am stuck here on the road in the pouring rain and you are in a nice dry office."

24 hours at your service the card says.

Oh now this is getting ugly

Another four or five calls later...

"Ok, thank you for your help"
I make sure to emphasize the "thaaaaank yoooou"  real sarcastic-like so he knows how annoyed I am.

I hang up the phone with a thud!

Yeah, thanks alot for nothing

I should...

I should...

       call his supervisor??

       file a complaint with customer service???

       call him back just to get my point across??

        really get them by cancelling my policy??

Oh wait, 

hold on a minute

that's one of my favorite songs on the radio...

yeah, I'm still mad but I want to hear this first...

Soon I am surprised to be singing along.  
Hmmm,  crazy how music can do that to you...
can take you back--let's see, oh yeah it was the summer of 19...

Ok, anyway back to the issue at hand...

        I should...

        I really should...

Oh, maybe I should just shut up and chill out

And guess what self??

        NEWS FLASH!!!

        you are not the center of the universe

        he was probably someone just like you trying to make it through the day

        you did blow everything a little out of proportion

 And know what else??

         the world is not out to get you

         everyone has their ups and downs and this is your turn

         you have a lot to be thankful for

My ride arrives shortly after

        "So what's going on?  Are you ok??"

         "Oh, you know," I say, 




  1. Sermon last Sunday by a broken English Polish priest. "Be generous with words".
    Translated, be kind, complimentary even when it's hard. Seems like you did it just
    right, and got a blessing to show for it.

    1. Be generous with words says it just about perfectly! Thanks